Please print and complete this form if you are serving or have honorably served in the U.S. Armed Forces

(Active, Guard or Reserve) after September 1940 and would like to join AMVETS!

Return your completed application to:
AMVETS Dept of Massachusetts
State House, RM 546-3
Boston, MA 02133-1048

*Please include a copy of your DD214 or Active Military ID card

Name _______________________________________________ Date ___________________ Address_____________________________________________________________________City________________________________________State_____________ Zip_____________ Phone #_____________________________________________________________________
Branch of Service_______________________________________________________________

Month/year entered___________/___________

Month/year discharged_________/_________

Sex _______Male _______Female Date of Birth_______/_______/________ E-mail______________________________________________________________
Name of Spouse________________________________________________________


Applicant Signature______________________________________________________




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Tel. 508-388-6430 or 508-388-6429

The Massachusetts AMVETS Service Foundation is a 501(C)(3) Charitable Organization. This website is the official online fundraising resource of the North Carolina AMVETS Service Foundation and is maintained and operated by Veterans Support Services.

Tel. 508-388-6430 or 508-388-6429

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