NSO Officers Areas of Expertise 

VA Health Care Benefits

Information and assistance for Veterans with Service-Connected Disabilities

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment

Assist with VA Pension Benefits

Assist with VA Educational and Training Benefits

Provide information on the VA Home Loan Guaranty

Assist with the VA Life Insurance Program

Assist with Burial and Memorial Benefits

Provide Assistance to Active, Reserve and National Guard Members dealing with the VA

Transition Assistance

Dependents and Survivors Health Care

Dependents and Survivors Benefits

Appeals of VA Claims Decisions

Assist with obtaining Military Medals and official DD-214 Records

Assist with Homeless Outreach

Assist with Suicide Prevention and education on suicide prevention

Housing Modification Benefit

Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC)

VA Program Awareness

and other benefits… all at no cost to the claimant or their family.

Accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs, these AMVETS National Service Officers are trained in all aspects of veterans’ benefits, keeping abreast of changes in VA regulations, policies, procedures and entitlements.